All about Keshet


 The Elderly and Their Families - Top Priority

Keshet, the Association for the Aged in Tel-Aviv Yaffo, represents a warm home, providing outstanding care for the elderly population. Keshet views the elderly and their families as its top priority and thus works to advance the important values of human dignity and patient rights. Keshet provides cutting edge services: medical, nursing, and treatment for the entire spectrum of the ageing populations from the independent elderly, to frail or wheelchair ridden.  The Association promotes a variety of social and community projects as part of the different facilities' activities to strengthen its ties with the community.

Medical centers and community services

Keshet is active in a variety of fields associated to the elderly and their varying medical condition and operates the
 following medical centers and community services:

  • Tzahalon – Medical Geriatric Center
  • Tzahalon Day Care Center for the Elderly and Demented
  • Givat HaShlosha – Medical Geriatric Center
  • Multi – Services Community Center in Ramat Aviv for the Independent Elderly
  • La Guardia Geriatric  Hospital, Tel Aviv
  • Community Dental Clinic, Tzahalon
  • Club for those of Ethiopian origin
  • AvivimDayCareCenter, Ramat Aviv
  • Gonda  Multi-Service Senior Day Care Center, Yad Eliahu


In addition, Keshet operates plans and services for the promotion of health.  

Keshet`s advantages: Why to choose Keshet

Keshet's varied facilities are booked at full capacity with elderly from every social strata which enjoy the following advantages:

  • Quality of treatment: Keshet receives the highest grades and meet the highest standards of the Ministry of Welfare and the Ministry of Health. Keshet also meets the high standards of ISO 9001 2008. In a recent inspection by ISO 9001 Keshet continued to maintain its outstanding grade of excellence which it has held  for more than 10 years, including services such as: food, laundry and cleaning services, as well as in the purchasing department, and of course, quality of patient services.
  • A spectrum of services: At Keshet's facilities the elderly, in a variety of health conditions, can enjoy a full spectrum services whether they are relatively independent, frail, demented, wheel chair ridden, or require advance nursing/medical services. Employees of Keshet can provide for the needs of the elderly according their specific needs and in the event of a decline in their condition.
  • An example of co-existence: Keshet is open to all people of every nation or creed. The employees population reflect a variety nations and cultures. It is possible to find amongst the employees, in different capacities, Arabs and Jews, Christians and Muslims, those of Ethiopians and Russian descent alongside one another, as well as other countries. Keshet works towards the nurturing human resources and maintaining a high quality of professionalism, without discrimination against creed or race, religions or background.
  • אגודת קשת - הנהלהA green environment and central location: Most of Keshet's facilities enjoy a green environment, which is well taken care of and pleasant. For example, Tzahalon Geriatric Medical Center in located in Yaffo, with stretches of green grass and charming spots, such as fountains and gardens. These physical advantages award the families and patients a unique sense of quiet and peacefulness. The Givat HaShlosha Geriatric Medical Center is located in the City of Petach Tikva, on a location that boasts of approximately 60 dunams of green spaces and a village like atmosphere which also promotes a sense of tranquility. La Guardia Hospital is situated above a park, adjacent to a large commercial center, in an area which is targeted for massive development by the Tel Aviv Municipality.
  • Community Services: Keshet develops community services for the benefit of the elderly community in Tel Aviv Yaffo. As part of its commitment to community services Keshet operates community centers. These centers operate a variety of cultural and recreational programs and services for the strengthening and bonding with the environment and community. The programs and services are also open to residents of the community. One of the special community services is a community dental clinic which operates on the Tzahalon facility and offers treatment not only for the residents of Keshet but also to the neighboring community.
  • Ties with the Families: There is an ongoing tie with the families of residents in all facilities at Keshet, as our employees provide support for the families in whatever is needed. A psychologist provides expertise guidance to the staff on matters relating to support and bonding with the families, as well as coping with the difficulties of hospitalization of their relatives.
  • Home Services: In the past few years, as part of a trend that the elderly prefer to remain living at home, as opposed to institutionalization,  Keshet has developed  home services for the treatment of bed ridden elderly. Keshet looks forward to expanding these services in order to reach out to a larger group of elderly.
  • Widespread Co-operation: Keshet believes in a widespread co-operation with a variety of offices: Government Offices, Local Municipalities, especially Tel Aviv Municipality, as well as Eshel-JDC Israel and other organizations, aiming at the promotion of services and innovative plans for the aid of elderly population
  • Precise and Expert Management: Keshet, a non profit organization, with precise and expert management, remains strong and stable economically. Keshet invests its income in the cultivation of its clients, upgrading of the facilities, and development of human resources. All of the above it part Keshet's vision to enhance the quality of life of the elderly without discrimination between the elderly with means and without means, as an integral part of its vigilance over the dignity, basic rights, and the physical and emotional state of the elderly. 
  • The Association will work towards the development of rehabilitative departments – either independently or with the cooperation of various entities. The organization is also working towards the development of a palliative department and the training of employees in that field. Keshet is in the forefront of progress and technology in all that is associated to elderly care.
  • The Association will include the residents in the planning process, general improvement and response to specific needs, with the best planning aimed at the client and with special attention to "the voice" as part of a response to the different needs, as much as possible, granting unique and unchanging services as one. The Association will develop a model for trans-generational  co-operation: grandchildren, great grandchildren and their grand parents and great grand parents. 
  • The Association will promote ties between its facilities and the community. Unique recreational cultural activities aimed at different target groups, including neighboring residents that would like to learn about the association's activity.
  • The Association will constantly act to improve and upgrade the physical environment, as well as structural and communication foundations, for the benefits of the residents and employees, as one. Furthermore, the Association will act towards improving the structures and foundations for the requirements of 2016 Program. The Association will work towards expansion and exchange of beds in the field of advanced medical/nursing needs, etc – as well as the care of the physical environment and public grounds.
  • The Association is public entity with private sector standards, acting to benefit the society, in an effort to maintain a balance between the private and public population, with a preference for the public sector. The Association will ensure stability, subject to the regulation of the Registry of Associations and approval of Keshet's General Governing Committee. The Association will look into expanding its services in the field of Protected Living Projects together with its financial experts. 
  • The Association will continue nurturing, promoting and developing its human resources, as well as maintaining the professional standards of its employees, including the training of the employees in the field of advanced nursing and palliate care – with the appropriate compensation to the employee for that work.
  • The Association will promote the welfare of the individual, support for the employees and their families in time of need. The Association will cultivate a sense of motivation and involvement of the part of the  employees by enabling  a close co-operation between the employees and the Employee Committee, so to maintain  mutual respect between management and the employees. The Association will promote a organizational-managerial culture to encourage a feeling of commitment and identification with the organization.

Employees of the Association represents as a whole a sympathetic ear for all the elderly, based on integrity and transparency.